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Traditional Yoni Steaming with Organic ethically sourced herbs and products

Vaginal (Yoni) Steam Treatments


What is a Vaginal (Yoni) Steam Treatment

Yoni (Sanskrit word meaning: “womb”, “uterus”, “vagina”, “vulva”, “abode”, or “source) steaming is an ancient healing technique for the female reproductive system.  


Vaginal Steaming has been widely practiced across Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean for centuries primarily for postpartum care. 

Today vaginal steaming is being used to treat issues concerning the reproductive system, fibroids, menopause, general hygiene care, and other gynaecological issues. 

The Yoni Spa specializes in vaginal steam treatments for women looking to achieve optimum health through natural, holistic care practices.

A vaginal steam treatment session involves relaxing over a pot of steaming water of therapeutic organic herbs that have been uniquely selected for each of their purification properties.

Yoni Steam Herbs